This website is sponsored and operated by the Monroe Avenue Merchants Association, Inc., a 501(6) Non-Profit Business League Corporation.

Our Mission:

  • To promote, within the Greater Rochester Metropolitan Area, the common interests of Monroe Avenue businesses in the City of Rochester from the Inner Loop to Culver Road, encompassing the Avenue thoroughfare, cross streets and side streets
  • To recruit appropriate businesses to fill vacant/unused commercial space
  • To establish an image, appearance and theme for Association Businesses that attracts the goodwill and support of Community residents
  • To advance the collective business environment and economic well being of the areas served by the Association
  • To assist Association Businesses to effectively navigate governmental administrative procedures, and to advocate for financial, business enhancement, governmental and institutional support for Association Businesses
  • To organize and encourage Association Businesses to volunteer their talents and organize community service events within the Community for the betterment of the Association Businesses customers, Community residents, and the improvement of business conditions for Association Businesses
  • To foster a spirit of fraternalism among Association Businesses
  • To Support the physical improvement of the neighborhoods in which the Association Businesses are located
  • To establish policies and institute programs that uphold and foster the above.